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The Humans Being

Two humans by the name of Tom Duda and Brandon O’Grady shared a message that they decided the world needed to hear. The singer-songwriters took turns providing drum accompaniment to the other’s songs so their message could spread. The Humans Being was born. In it’s infantile state the band acquired the keyboard legend known as Matt Marello, who shared not only their message to all of humanity, but also their love of partying, and above all, jamming. Before too long there was a calling in the deep. The bass realm throughout the Southern New Hampshire area was resonating with a need to complete The Humans Being sound. Hearing the call all the way from Athol Massachusetts, the mythical creature Shane McWilliams bestowed himself and accepted the mighty low-end, vowing to jam, and to spread The Humans Beings’ humble message. That message is this: We Humans are all part of the The Humans Being. When people hear our music, we hope that it reminds them of what truly makes them Human. Too often we forget where we come from, but with a little reminding, someday we will all remember where we are going.



StarBath is a 4 piece heavy psych outfit lifting off from Fairhaven, Massachusetts bringing groovy jams to the cosmos


Nov 19 2022


8:00 pm