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Resist The Temptation

Established In 2019. Resist The Temptation is a Hard rock band out of Longisland NY. 
 In the later part of 2018 Dyllon Frantin (guitar) and Phil Renna (drums) ventured out to find great talent in the music space to make a rock band. Along the journey after many auditions, “Sandy B” was handed the reigns to be the bands lead singer; with an incredible and unique voice Sandy B was the perfect fit for the bands journey to find their sound. Further down the road they needed a bass player that could not only play extremely well but also sing/scream for back up vocals, Kaitlyn Danielsen was the perfect match for this band as she checked all the boxes and is just also plain badass. Once all the members of the band were found the journey to find out sound began. Combining elements of Pop, metal and alternative Resist the temptation was born with their first single “Unfair”.


Apr 15 2022


8:00 pm