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Man Must Explore, The Fire Fight!!!, I’m Getting The Skeleton and Under The Den

THE FIRE FIGHT!!!!!: The epic punk super group returns to the stage at Paulys hotel!
Under The Den: UTD hails from upstate NY. We like to have fun. Members include Ben “Ideas” Zoleski on guitar, Madison Lewis on vox, and twin brothers Jay and John Nowak on drums and bass. For more info, come see a show.
Man Must Explore
is an Experimental Rock trio based out of Albany, NY, originally started in 2019 to push musical boundaries through their signature cocktail of post punk and blues influences. With musical themes ranging from the infinite cosmos to shadowy depths of the human mind, they embody the words spoken by astronaut David Scott on the Apollo 15 mission; “I sort of realize there’s a fundamental truth to our nature, Man must explore . . . and this is exploration at its greatest.”
Man Must Explore is lead guitarist and vocalist Ryan Treen, bassist and vocalist Jacob Freedman, and drummer Ross Broady.


Dec 18 2021


8:00 pm


Pauly's Hotel
337 Central Avenue, Albany, New York